Tuesday, May 16, 2006

XUL picking up speed?

It has been reported today that Linspire and Ajax13 will be teaming up to bring Ajax13's web apps directly to Linspire desktop, via AjaxOS system. This at surface sounds like a great news for web apps everywhere until you actually read into it.

Ajax13 has put out such classics as ajaxWrite and ajaxTunes, enabling you to turn your web browser into a relatively capable word processor. As long as your browser is Firefox, that is. You see, despite the company name (Ajax13), and application names (ajaxWrite) these are not strictly using what most people understand as Ajax. These apps rely on XUL, which is the building block of the Mozilla project and its off-shoots like Firefox. In a way this is even worse than developing an IE-only web application - at least with IE you would allow more people to use your app.

So that brings me to the momentous occasion of Ajax13 teaming up with Linspire to bring this XUL-application-goodness to Linspire users. Sounds like Linspire sees something in Ajax13's approach to web applications, something that the rest of us morons don't (I use the term affectionately). Great press for Linspire and even better for Ajax13, winning a valuable partner for their web apps. That is until you realize that Michael Robertson started both companies and is chairman of Linspire and chief executive of Ajax13. A very smart way to generate publicity!


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