Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bose, not so hot after all

This may not be news for many of you but I stumbled upon it recently. I'm no audiophile by any means although I have spent my share of dollars over the years in audio technology. I do not own any Bose speakers but I was surprised by the level of animosity audiophile community has against Bose. And now I see it may be for a good reason: Intellexual has a thorough review of Bose Acoustimass system and they are not kind to it. Bose's specialty seems to be innovation through marketing and they conclude

Bose equipment, even the flagship LifeStyle 50, resembles the sonic performance of the 11-year-old Aiwa minisystem in my garage. For $500, the Wave Radio is an overpriced alarm clock. If you're impressed by it, have a listen to a Henry Kloss radio for a fraction of the price! For $1000, the Bose 3-2-1 can not be described as anything less than a crime against sound reproduction. The message I want everyone to take from this lengthy review is that Bose, like Bang & Olufsen and Nakamichi, sell lifestyle and designer products whose prices are very heavily saturated by image and appeal. They are by no means, no means at all performance products. They have no cost-effectiveness, no bang-for-the-buck value, and draw no respect from any true audio enthusiests. If your goal is to appeal to and impress housewives, then this system gets the job done, but if your goal is high fidelity, high performance, high endurance, upgradeability, and fair market value pricing then I would very highly suggest you look elsewhere.

Colour me surprised!


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