Friday, March 31, 2006

Bose is a brand consumers trust the most?

It was only a few days ago I ranted about Bose selling top-dollar systems on their marketing prowess alone. Someone at Bose decided at some point that spending money on marketing is a lot more efficient than spending money on product development. So what you end up is a cheap speaker system that's worth the money you paid for it just for that "Bose" sticker. Most people knowing all the facts would think that this type of scheme can't last that long and that eventually people will catch on and the brand will tank. Well, those people should think again!

Bose was just selected as one of the top brands consumers trust the most. The air is thick with irony: consumers trust Bose more than almost any other brand, despite the overwhelming evidence that they're being taken for a ride. This really sends wrong signals to the industry as a whole - building a brand is not just more important than investing in your product, but you don't need to work on your product at all, just spend all that money on some top notch marketing types and let them conjure it up from thin air.


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